Improve Your Concentration Level With the Help of Meditation

Concentration is very important in whatever tasks you do. Whether you are sitting in a classroom, movie theater or labor room, concentration is needed everywhere and for everyone. Concentration is the key to success in any work or field. It is important that we do a job with full concentration to enjoy success in it.

Poor concentration might lead to failure of whatever we do. Concentration is said to have an effect with the help of meditation. Studies have proven that meditation can increase the concentration power and helps in concentrating better.

Loving what you do
Concentration is said to be high on what you love to do. Without loving something we cannot concentrate more on it. Doing meditation might increase the level of the concentration you have. While meditating you should focus on something which needs concentration by focusing on something like that you will channel an energy between your mind and the thing which you are focusing on. Enhanced focusing might lead to falling in love with it which will lead to better concentration.

Practicing yoga daily
Practicing yoga daily will help you relax and helps your muscle ease tension. When you are stressed about something you cannot concentrate on anything. Doing yoga regularly might help in concentrating better.

Breathing techniques for betterment
Breathing techniques help in a huge way. When you inhale and exhale you should start concentrating on it deeply. Once you get the art of concentration with your breath, it will become very easy for you to apply the same technique for concentration on anything you need.

Eating healthy
Eating habits are said to affect your concentration. Studies have proofs that eating unhealthy food might lead to a lack of concentration. So it is very important to choose the food you eat very carefully. You should not eat anything which is not healthy just for the sake of taste.

Sleeping well
Sleeping is the most important thing which is necessary for a human body to function well. If a person doesn’t get the quality sleep he needs it will lead to stress and anxiety. So people should sleep well daily and should have the same sleeping pattern to avoid stress.

How To Combat Absurd Thoughts And Become A Genius

I had the privilege to be able to seriously study Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation and a big advantage because I was an excellent student. I verified that his method was the only one that was helping me understand my psychological problems, after studying Freud’s method of dream interpretation, Erich Fromm’s method, Pearl’s method, and many other methods.

I could continue Jung’s complicated and dangerous research because I obeyed the guidance I had in my dreams after recognizing that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams was wise. I could perceive the sanctity of the unconscious mind.

So, the therapeutical treatment I found helped me recover my religiosity. I was basically an atheist who admitted the possibility of God’s existence, but didn’t have any faith. When I verified the unconscious sanctity in my dreams and in the codes I found in Xavier’s book and were related to the dream messages, I realized that I was talking with a holy spirit.

Then I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience, which occupies the biggest part of our brain and has satanic characteristics. So, I understood the reason why the world is so absurd and why humanity suffers from numerous different mental illnesses.

Your anti-conscience invades your conscience numerous times, but your ego also visits your anti-conscience’s region numerous times as well. When this happens, you think based on absurdity and evilness. You are selfish and cruel.

For example, whenever you are immoral, you think based on an illogical logic that merely seems to be reasonable.

* In your dreams, the invasion of your anti-conscience’s thoughts into your conscience is represented by the invasion of dangerous people, demons, or aliens into your house.

* The voluntary acceptance of your anti-conscience’s thoughts by your ego is reflected in your dreams when you go downstairs or when you go down by elevator, and also when you are walking down a hill or a street.

Whenever you are going down in a dream, this means that you are voluntarily going to the region of your anti-conscience, where you think based on absurdity and evilness. In other words, you think like a prehistoric man; like a demon.

You have to stop being selfish and cruel in order to think based on human standards and use your human conscience all the time.

Whatever is evil is absurd because it leads to terror and despair. You have to understand this fact before being a victim of your anti-conscience.

Your dreams help you see what you cannot see without the information about your mind and your reality contained in the dream images. Thanks to this information, you start paying attention to many details you used to disregard before having this knowledge.

Most dreams are about your behavior and your life.

You can have God’s protection when you obey His rules. Now that the meaning of dreams was clarified you have to understand that your obedience to God’s guidance is better for you. You have to be afraid of your freedom, since you tend to make mistakes.

You have problems in life when you make mistakes. You have to learn how to avoid making mistakes in order to avoid suffering.

The shocking satanic origin of the human conscience had to be discovered because you must understand your responsibility in life.

Now that you know that there is a demon in your brain you must seriously follow a process of psychological and spiritual transformation through dream translation.

This is how you will become a brilliant human being, who will then attain sanctity. This means that all your mental health problems will be cured and you will help many other people through many ways.

This alternative will help you change the world and mark the beginning of a new historical time.

Your obedience to the guidance you have in your dreams helps you become a true genius and use all your psychological functions. You learn how to cultivate real goodness in your heart. You purify your spirit. You understand the real meaning of life. You attain higher consciousness. You have numerous advantages.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

The Five Health Benefits of Communing With Nature

The digital world has a lot of benefits. However, it has also caused a lot of health problems for us in that we are not meant to be alone in front of machines not interacting with others or nature. Instead, we are meant to be outside without our digital gadgets.

One of the most gratifying benefits of nature is that it builds strong relationships both with nature and others. Therefore, by spending time in nature, we can be stronger and healthier.

Here are some benefits to communing with nature.

1. You will be happier and feel more connected to nature. You will breathe the fresh air around you and experience the tranquility that is inherent in nature.

2. You will get some exercise and finally remove yourself from all the distractions that warp your attention and fragment your mind.

3. You will spend time with family and friends-something that the digital media cannot give you. Face-to-face contact cannot be replaced and is needed for us to feel happy and fulfilled.

4. You will feel free and more connected to nature. When you walk in the woods or just in a park that is quiet, you can sense all of nature around you-the birds in the trees and above you, the water waves along the shore line, the sun on your face and body, and any other sounds in nature. By listening carefully to these sounds, you will feel one with nature. This feeling can help you feel healthier and not alone.

5. You will reduce social isolation. Digital media has reduced our time with other people and with nature. This form of isolation can be very detrimental to our health and overall well-being.

Thus, it is important to get out for a walk at least once a day. However, be sure to keep exercise and going for a walk in nature separate so that you can slow down and really listen to the sounds around you and feel the ground beneath your feet. This is the best form of walking.

If you are walking with your spouse and family, try to encourage silence for part of your walk so that you can feel more connected to nature. But then have times when you can talk to each other. There is something about talking to your spouse in the midst of a luscious green canopy around you with the water in the background.

So, get out for a walk and enjoy nature. The benefits are immense and you will be healthier as a result as well.

Necessity of Integrating Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

Corporate wellness programmes fosters welfare among employees, regardless the stress of the workplaces. Most of the reputed factories, offices and corporations of all leading nations are taking up these strategies as they assure health and security of the workers. This innovative technique is a result of many diverse experiences. Some companies have integrated these programmes for minimising the healthcare expenses while some others wanted to make the work atmosphere comfortable and welcoming for their staff. The firms, which want to have workplace wellbeing, could contact the many organisations, who offer such services. The chief attributes of a successful corporate wellness programme is given in the following discussion.

Characteristic Traits of an Ideal Corporate Wellness Programme

• The programmes must have a pragmatic approach. Workers must easily understand and carry out the activities. These include- stress management workshops, yoga and cooking classes, fitness and quit smoking challenges, weight-loss competitions and many more.

• Ideal wellness programmes must convince the companies to offer high-quality food to their staff. Enough cafeterias and vending machines would give affordable, tasty yet healthy foods.

• The company’s fabric must engage well-integrated programmes. These cost-effective techniques must motivate people and tell them about healthy lifestyles.

• Creation of unique and spirited programmes that constantly evolve with time guarantees long-term success. The programmes must take responsibility of all the operations.

Now we would delve into the benefits that these programmes offer to the companies and its employers.

Benefits of Workplace Well-being Programmes

• Healthcare costs are a major concern for most of the organisations. Thus, every business owner wants healthy employers, corporate wellness programmes would be the suitable tool for that. By implementing these techniques, a company could successfully cut its expenses.

• These programmes successfully minimise absenteeism. The workers are fit as well as fine, thus, they do not need sick leaves, which leads to limited staff turnover.

• The initiatives of these programmes promise to the company a healthy working staff. Through exercises and proper diet, many severe illnesses and diseases could be reduced. Healthier workers would lead to high productivity and thus would be beneficial for the company.

As people spend most of their time at work, a prosperous workplace is necessary. Through active promotion of wellness programmes, issues such as, alcohol and drug abuse, bullying and stress could be controlled. They successfully optimise the corporate culture and have driven the employers to perfect performing zones. They could satisfy the social, emotional, physical and mental needs of the workers.

What Can You Understand When You Know The Dream Language?

The symbolism existent in your reality helps you understand the dangers that are threatening your conscience. God’s symbolic messages in your dreams give you more information and many explanations.

Your dreams help you learn how to offer resistance to your anti-conscience’s thoughts and behavior. The connections existent in your reality have the same intention.

For example, Carl Jung discovered the existence of the phenomenon of synchronicity, which is a strange coincidence between a dream and a fact or between two dreams or two unrelated facts. I continued his research discovering that this coincidence predicts the dangerous formation of a severe mental disorder and that there are many other similar phenomena in our reality. We are able to perceive their existence when we know the dream language.

Everyone has the tendency to imitate their parents’ mistakes and this is why they have a similar destiny. Everyone is punished for their sins many years later, with facts that put them in their enemies’ shoes when they disrespected their rights.

Therefore, various details, facts, and events that seem to be meaningless for you are in fact important signs that give you precious information about your dangerous reality and help you find answers for many intriguing mysteries.

God shows you the bitter truth in your dreams in order to save your human conscience and help you become a superior human being.
Unfortunately, everyone inherits a satanic anti-conscience that doesn’t let their human side evolve. Everyone has a deficient conscience. Even those who seem to be successful in a few aspects have many psychological problems and make many mistakes.

On the other hand, materialism and marketing are killing our spiritual life. Everyone is trying to survive and competing with everyone else. Poverty, violence, crimes, and wars keep happening, while everyone tries to live in a private paradise and disregard all the horrors of the world.

So, the truth is that everyone is a victim of the terrible content they inherit into their wild conscience.

Thanks to God’s generosity with the human race, today we have scientific knowledge, Carl Jung managed to discover how to translate the meaning of the dream images and the psychotherapy of the unconscious mind, and I managed to simplify and clarify his complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation because I precisely obeyed God’s guidance in my dreams, discovering the existence of the anti-conscience.

Carl Jung clearly defined the existence of 8 psychological types based on the information he had through many ways, especially thanks to dream interpretation, but his method is too complicated. Only a few of his students managed to really understand his method of dream interpretation.

Fortunately, I could simplify and clarify his excellent but difficult method, and now everyone can understand the dream language. This is a big advantage for the population of our historical time and for the future generations.

Everyone needs God’s psychotherapy in their dreams. This is a necessity, but at the same time it is privilege. Now we can understand God’s words in our dreams and stop being victims of our wild side.

This means that you have to deal with many absurd tendencies and there are many dangers in the world, but you can have God’s enlightening guidance in your dreams.

You have to be authentic and you have to care about your spiritual evolution. God helps you develop your human conscience and become a wise and sensitive human being who never makes mistakes.

The beginning of your path is difficult because you are too far from wisdom, but through dream translation you find many treasures in the way, even before completely transforming your personality.

Dream therapy helps you understand how to have the behavior of a saint, so that you may always be wise, sensitive, friendly, humble, and peaceful. Your responsible attitude will guarantee your perfect mental health.

The same way that your dreams show you that you have a satanic primitive conscience still active in your brain and that you have to avoid its traps, they also show you how to have an admirable behavior in all situations.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.