What Can You Understand When You Know The Dream Language?

The symbolism existent in your reality helps you understand the dangers that are threatening your conscience. God’s symbolic messages in your dreams give you more information and many explanations.

Your dreams help you learn how to offer resistance to your anti-conscience’s thoughts and behavior. The connections existent in your reality have the same intention.

For example, Carl Jung discovered the existence of the phenomenon of synchronicity, which is a strange coincidence between a dream and a fact or between two dreams or two unrelated facts. I continued his research discovering that this coincidence predicts the dangerous formation of a severe mental disorder and that there are many other similar phenomena in our reality. We are able to perceive their existence when we know the dream language.

Everyone has the tendency to imitate their parents’ mistakes and this is why they have a similar destiny. Everyone is punished for their sins many years later, with facts that put them in their enemies’ shoes when they disrespected their rights.

Therefore, various details, facts, and events that seem to be meaningless for you are in fact important signs that give you precious information about your dangerous reality and help you find answers for many intriguing mysteries.

God shows you the bitter truth in your dreams in order to save your human conscience and help you become a superior human being.
Unfortunately, everyone inherits a satanic anti-conscience that doesn’t let their human side evolve. Everyone has a deficient conscience. Even those who seem to be successful in a few aspects have many psychological problems and make many mistakes.

On the other hand, materialism and marketing are killing our spiritual life. Everyone is trying to survive and competing with everyone else. Poverty, violence, crimes, and wars keep happening, while everyone tries to live in a private paradise and disregard all the horrors of the world.

So, the truth is that everyone is a victim of the terrible content they inherit into their wild conscience.

Thanks to God’s generosity with the human race, today we have scientific knowledge, Carl Jung managed to discover how to translate the meaning of the dream images and the psychotherapy of the unconscious mind, and I managed to simplify and clarify his complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation because I precisely obeyed God’s guidance in my dreams, discovering the existence of the anti-conscience.

Carl Jung clearly defined the existence of 8 psychological types based on the information he had through many ways, especially thanks to dream interpretation, but his method is too complicated. Only a few of his students managed to really understand his method of dream interpretation.

Fortunately, I could simplify and clarify his excellent but difficult method, and now everyone can understand the dream language. This is a big advantage for the population of our historical time and for the future generations.

Everyone needs God’s psychotherapy in their dreams. This is a necessity, but at the same time it is privilege. Now we can understand God’s words in our dreams and stop being victims of our wild side.

This means that you have to deal with many absurd tendencies and there are many dangers in the world, but you can have God’s enlightening guidance in your dreams.

You have to be authentic and you have to care about your spiritual evolution. God helps you develop your human conscience and become a wise and sensitive human being who never makes mistakes.

The beginning of your path is difficult because you are too far from wisdom, but through dream translation you find many treasures in the way, even before completely transforming your personality.

Dream therapy helps you understand how to have the behavior of a saint, so that you may always be wise, sensitive, friendly, humble, and peaceful. Your responsible attitude will guarantee your perfect mental health.

The same way that your dreams show you that you have a satanic primitive conscience still active in your brain and that you have to avoid its traps, they also show you how to have an admirable behavior in all situations.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.